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About Cinderella Kenya

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Cinderella Kenya is a faith based, non-profit, social service organization that seeks to donate unwanted and repurposed shoes to girls and young women experiencing poverty in the US and around the world. Our aim is to make sure we put shoes into good use to avoid them ending up as waste and thus also protecting the environment.

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Frequently asked questions

We collect used and new shoes to distribute to needy people in the US and Africa.

The project accepts all types of shoes. Donated shoes should be in  good condition. They should not be torn or damaged. You can donate as many pairs of shoes as you wish.

We welcome partnerships with schools, churches, companies, private individuals and other organisations. Please contact us through our contact page if you are interested in partnering with us.

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Ending the Stigma one Shoe at a Time.


Provide shoes to Young Women experiencing poverty in the US and Around the World.